Local child care center prepares as N.C.’s Group 3 soon able to make vaccine appointments

Local child care center prepares as N.C.’s Group 3 soon able to make vaccine appointments

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With North Carolina set to move into group three of the vaccination phase, child care workers are preparing to get their first dose.

“It’s o’ happy day,” said Gloria Dukes, executive director and owner of Bright Future Learning Center and Bright Future Enrichment Center. “We’ve been waiting for this, because we’ve been out here, we’ve been from the beginning. We’re frontline workers, we’re essential workers, and we’re a part of the economy getting back to work.”

In just a few weeks on Feb. 24, child care workers, PreK-12 employees, those who work in pre-kindergarten programs, head start, pre-school programs and family child care homes will be able to get their first dose of the COVID19 vaccine.

On Wednesday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced school and child care staff would be priority in group three. You must be working in-person or preparing to go back.

Dukes says the vaccine is a way to not only safeguard her staff but help educate and encourage others in the Black community who may be hesitant.

“We reached out to our parents, we talked about our parents, we encourage our parents, we have a lot of grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren and we’re encouraging them as best as possible. Giving out flyers, information,” she said.

The pandemic has forced many changes at the center with enforcing CDC guidelines and keeping parents out of the facility.

“We take the temperature twice a day, we monitor the children. And we also monitor our staff,” Dukes said.

With enrollment down due to the pandemic, she hopes the vaccine will be provide a much-needed boost and a sense of comfort.

“I think that will encourage parents to know some parents don’t feel comfortable yet but with that being said, you know, we’re, we have an opportunity to let them know my staff have been vaccine,” she added.

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