Mass vaccination clinic for second dose to be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend

Mass vaccination clinic for second dose to be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The second COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be held this weekend.

The event is exclusively for the roughly 16,000 people who received their initial dose of the vaccine three weeks ago at the speedway. Officials say that while the first dose gets the body’s immune system ready, “the second dose is critical to providing full protection from the COVID-19 virus.”

This event, along with earlier mass vaccination events at the speedway and Bank of America Stadium, are part of a partnership with Atrium Health, Honeywell, Tepper Sports & Entertainment and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

WBTV’s Vaccine Team spoke with people who are getting their second vaccination this weekend. Many say they feel lucky to be fully vaccinated.

“I think I saw a stat that was like only 6% of the US population has received both doses of the vaccine. And I’ll be one tomorrow. I feel like I hit the lottery on this thing,” said Gary Bennett, who has an appointment Friday afternoon.

Gary Bennett got his first doses of the vaccine a few weeks at the Charlotte Motor Speedway mass vaccination clinic.

“It was an incredibly well-organized easy process,” he said.

But this vaccine means much more to Gary than just the convenience of getting it done.

“I don’t do much. I stay in the house here. I venture out to the supermarket. It’s pretty boring. I have children in Connecticut and in California and I haven’t seen them in a year,” he said.

He’s hoping it brings him and the rest of the country one step closer to normalcy.

“It’s the only thing you can do is get vaccinated and wait until things calm down and hope to start a more normal life again,” he added.

This partnership recently announced a plan to distribute 1 million doses of the vaccine by July 4.

On the weekend of Jan. 23, around 15,700 people received their COVID-19 vaccine during the mass vaccination clinic at the speedway.

However, Atrium Health officials say 300 people did not show up for their appointment. Officials say none of those doses were thrown out.

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