COVID-19 vaccine appointments available at Walgreens in North Carolina

Walgreens opens vaccination appointments

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Right now, Walgreens pharmacies across North Carolina are gearing up to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

As part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, North Carolina will get a total of 31,200 doses of the vaccine.

The first appointments begin on Friday, February 12 at more than 300 locations across the state.

As of Wednesday evening, there are still appointments available.

Jamie Austin, who happened to be on the Walgreens website as the company launched vaccine appointments on Tuesday, said it took some time, but she was finally able to secure an appointment for her 76-year-old aunt Sandra.

“Oh my gosh, I’m beyond ecstatic,” Austin said.

Austin said her aunt has been unable to get a slot through the Gaston County Health Department.

“The health department just said we will reach back out when we get new vaccines in,” Austin said. “They haven’t contacted us.”

Austin’s hope for her aunt to be protected is now restored.

“She wants to go with you when you do errands like the grocery store and we have to tell her no you can’t because we really need to minimize risk,” Austin said. “Hopefully after her second dose, she will be able to do more things and live a better covid life.”

Her aunt will get the first dose on Friday in Mount Holly and she was able to sign up for a second dose at the same time.

Each Walgreens location has about 100 doses so these appointments will likely go fast.

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