Good Question: What if I get COVID between vaccine doses?

Updated: Feb. 8, 2021 at 9:28 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - As many people are waiting for their second COVID-19 vaccination shot, people are wondering about what can happen in the meantime.

A concern viewers have asked On Your Side Tonight is “What happens if I get COVID between vaccination shots?”

“What happens if you get COVID within days of receiving your first vaccine? Should you get the second vaccine at the end of three weeks or a month or should you wait until 30 days after you’ve had the virus?” - viewer Judy wrote

Good question.

You can still get COVID after the vaccine whether it’s the first or second dose. Neither offer 100 percent immunity.

So, what happens if you do get COVID in between doses?

First, doctors say you should still get that second dose.

As for timing, it really comes down to when it’s safe for you to be around others.

Here’s what Mecklenburg County Public Health Medical Director Dr. Meg Sullivan says:

“Once they meet the criteria to be cleared from isolation, at least at this time, there is no minimum required interval between the time that they recover or get off isolation from COVID and get the vaccine.”

The CDC says you need to isolate if you test positive for COVID.

In order to end your isolation:

  • It has to be 10 days since your symptoms first appeared.
  • You must go 24 hours with no fever, without the use of any fever reducers.
  • And your symptoms must be improving.

The CDC has said the maximum interval you can wait between doses is 42 days.

It doesn’t have much data on how effective they are beyond that.

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