Iredell Co. hosts second COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Mazzepa Park

The Iredell County Health Department announces upcoming plan to move to online registration

Iredell Co. hosts second COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Mazzepa Park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Iredell County Health Department hosted another COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Mazzepa Park on Monday morning.

Dozens of cars filled up the park well before the 10 a.m. start time, lining up early in the hopes of receiving the vaccine at the first-come, first-serve clinic.

“I really hope to get it,” said Mona Brown, who admitted she was worried after her cousin had recently been hospitalized with the coronavirus. Brown did admit that she wasn’t 65 years of age just yet, but she had gotten a doctor’s excuse due to several pertinent underlying conditions.

“I have so many health problems that I don’t like the odds for me,” said Brown.

Health officials in Iredell Co. said the clinic is ONLY available for those who meet the criteria for the Phase 1, Groups 1 and 2 vaccination priority groups.

That includes healthcare workers, long-term care staff and residents, and older adults who are 65 years and older.

Ninety-year-old Betty Wooten said she was timid about the process at first, but said she knew it had to be done to put her mind at ease.

“I was nervous to begin with,” said Wooten. “But after so many of my friends had it and they didn’t have any problems, then I’m fine about it.”

Wooten also said she wasn’t surprised by the long lines, which extended into traffic along Mazeppa Road. The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office and the Mooresville Police Department were on hand directing the constant flowing traffic.

“That’s why we bought reading material and something to drink,” laughed Wooten.

A pressing issue for the county, however, remains the limited vaccine supply. Previous clinics saw the covid-19 vaccine shots run out before the number of eligible people did. Those who were unable to receive the vaccine were encouraged to try again for the next available clinic, which is posted to the county’s website each week.

The next first-come, first-serve vaccine clinic will be held Friday, Feb. 12, at North Iredell High School beginning at 10 a.m., High-risk medical providers, first responders and those 65 and older will be eligible to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Iredell County Public Health Department says they are actively working to implement an online appointment system for COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the coming weeks.

For more information on future clinics and how to access the appointment portal once it goes live, you can visit the Iredell County Health Department’s website here.

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