15,700 get COVID-19 vaccination at Charlotte Motor Speedway; 300 no-shows

Second day of mass vaccination clinic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - About 15,700 people received their COVID-19 vaccine during a mass vaccination clinic at Charlotte Motor Speedway this past weekend.

However, Atrium Health officials say 300 people did not show up to their appointment. Officials say none of those doses will be thrown out.

Atrium Health is partnering with Honeywell, Tepper Sports and the Charlotte Motor Speedway for this mass vaccination clinic.

Their goal is to vaccinate a million people by July. They have a 12-lane vaccination station with all hands on deck trying to move people through.

The next mass vaccination clinic will be at Bank of America Stadium this weekend.

Health officials say Bank of America Stadium is being used because it is accessible for people using public transportation.

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