Mooresville woman paid company nearly $1,000 for swim spa repair - months later, no fix

Updated: Jan. 22, 2021 at 5:12 PM EST
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Mooresville, N.C. (WBTV) - A Mooresville woman is speaking out, after she says she was duped by a hot tub repair man.

She paid nearly $1,000 for a repair, but months later, there’s been no fix.

Lisa Howard is an Airbnb owner. People book her home specifically for the swim spa.

It’s been broken for four months, and Howard says the person hired to fix the spa took the money and now won’t return her calls.

“When you put your trust in somebody and they do that then it makes you not trust other people,” said Howard.

Howard noticed problems with her swim spa in Sept. 2020. The control panel stopped working, so she called Hot Tub Urgent Care.

In October, Charles Gordon Smith came out and said the swim spa needed a new control board.

“He said he ordered the part right then and gave us a price and the labor and gave us a Venmo account and we paid it.”

She sent the company $971.37.

“The next day we got an invoice by email saying how much it was and that it was paid and that he was sending the part to us.”

The part should have arrived on Oct. 6, but it never came. Howard called Smith who said he had ordered the wrong part but would order the right part.

“And probably two or three weeks went by. I sent several text messages and calls saying where’s the part? Where is the part? Then he told us the part was on back order.”

And then that he did order the right part.

Howard says Smith made several appointments to come out and install the part but never showed.

“Probably between my husband and I, we probably called and texted and emailed about 50 times.”

They last spoke in November. In December, she believes Smith blocked her phone number.

“My husband could call, but my number was blocked.”

The Better Business Bureau website shows there have been 12 complaints filed against the business. The company website shows a service area in three states.

When WBTV emailed the company, we got a response from “Charles Smith.”

Smith told WBTV Investigates that he had COVID-19 and the delay was due to difficulty during the pandemic getting needed parts.

In the second email on Jan. 15, Smith said the part could be sent to Howard, they could look for another company to install it, or, what Howard was hoping for, refund her the money.

WBTV will follow up to make sure the funds are returned.

“Even if we don’t get the check, at least he responded to your communication, so that tells you that your work is very valuable.”

Howard says she has learned a valuable lesson.

Whenever you’re looking to hire a contractor, research the company, ask for references, and never pay for work or parts until they actually arrive.

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