Atrium Health deploys mobile hospital to Pineville location

Mobile hospital deployed

PINEVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - Atrium Health has officially deployed its mobile field hospital, MED-1, to its Pineville location.

The health system announced the measure Thursday. The mobile hospital is being configured in the parking lot outside of Atrium Health Pineville’s emergency department. Employees could be seen walking in and out of the structure Thursday evening.

In a Zoom call with reporters Thursday, Alicia Campbell, facility executive and vice president with Atrium Health Pineville, explained that the mobile hospital is being deployed to handle a possible influx of patients as people continue to seek treatment for COVID-19.

“If you watch the (COVID-19) numbers publicly, there’s discussion on if we’ve hit a plateau or if they’ll continue to increase and so we just want to insure that we have the capacity needed to support the need, should it increase,” said Campbell.

A press release from Atrium Health noted that COVID-19 patients will not be treated in the mobile hospital. The release noted that patients with coronavirus or coronavirus symptoms will still be directed to seek care in designated portions of the Pineville hospital.

The release states that the mobile unit will be used to treat patients who may need care for rashes, lacerations, sprains, or other medical situations. The mobile hospital will also accommodate patients who need lab work, medication refills, or X-rays.

“Knowing that we have access to a resource like this really provides us a bit of optimism to have the support of the system behind us to help us serve our patients,” said Campbell.

The facility executive explained that the mobile hospital was being placed in Pineville because the location allows the healthcare workers to serve patients from Charlotte and people traveling across the state line from South Carolina.

She said that frontline workers can envision the end of the pandemic now that more and more people are being vaccinated for COVID-19.

“That’s really what we’re holding on to is that if we can continue to keep our community masked and people continue to vaccinate and do what we all need to do that there can be an end to this,” explained Campbell.

She said the health system plans to start using the mobile unit Friday afternoon, and it hopes to have the mobile hospital fully operational next week.

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