Retired S.C. nurse: ‘rapid deployment deserves rapid application’, says application complicates applying

Retired nurse willing to help with vaccine distribution

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) -A retired South Carolina nurse is ready to answer a call from the state’s health agency.

South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control opened 150 positions to help people get a COVID-19 vaccine or test.

However, the nurse, Maggie Longshore, is criticizing the process.

”If they’re gonna have rapid deployment they need to have a rapid application,” said Longshore.

Longshore says she and other healthcare workers want to answer DHEC’s vaccination assistance call. She is ready and willing to use her knowledge and years of experience as a retired nurse.

”When you’re dealing with retired nurses, you need to have some sort of rapid application,” Longshore said. “They don’t want to spend all their time on their computer.”

Longshore says she has tried to help DHEC three times since the beginning of January.

She called the agency and was referred to a person who could help her.

She says that person never called her back. Her second time, she was referred to volunteer work but she did not get a response back to her application.

This will be her third time following up. Even with a proper avenue now, she is still having trouble.

”Just like with everything else it shows some weaknesses in the system,” Longshore said.

WBTV brought these concerns to Interim Public Health Director Brannon Traxler.

She says what is being called weaknesses in the system are strengths to find the best candidates.

”We do appreciate that it can be a lot of work but we do need to make certain that the people we are hiring have the right skills for the job and are appropriately trained,” said Traxler.

The application process is not the only way to answer that call. Traxler says volunteering is a way to get around a lengthy application. Longshore has gone through this process, as previously mentioned, but Traxler says it is a good way to serve.

”Especially those who are retired nurses if they are willing to volunteer I would encourage them,” Longshore said.

WBTV asked DHEC how many positions have already been filled since the call a week ago. We are still waiting to get those numbers.

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