Charlotte area voters sound off on presidential transition

People eager to see how Biden will govern

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The transition of power is complete. Joe Biden is officially the 46th president of the United States. After Biden was sworn into office Wednesday, WBTV spoke to two voters, a Democrat and a Republican, to gauge their reactions to the leadership change.

David Masters, a Republican business owner in Gastonia, said he is a big fan of President Donald Trump. Masters spoke highly of Trump’s tenure in office.

“The last four years under President Trump have been phenomenal,” said Masters in an interview with WBTV Wednesday night.

Antoinette Mingo, a Democrat and resident of Mecklenburg County, told WBTV she did not think Trump was a good leader for the American people.

“The last four years were the worst four years I have ever experienced,” Mingo told WBTV.

Masters said he credits Trump with boosting businesses with tax cuts. He said he also believes that Trump loves the American people. Mingo said she places blame on the former president for the divisive political climate that exists in the United States.

“His rhetoric was so explosive and so divisive. He caused the division in the country,” said Mingo.

Masters said he doesn’t blame Trump for the tense political climate, instead pointing the finger at Democratic politicians.

“I put that blame on the left because of the things they’re trying to do to us with the cancel culture, trying to make us a socialist nation,” said Masters.

Both voters shared their thoughts on Biden too. Mingo said she is hopeful Biden can reunite the American people.

“From what I hear on TV, he is a person who can do this, so if that is true, there is hope for us coming back together,” said Mingo.

She said she is also hoping Biden can help to improve relationships between police and the American public.

Masters said his concern is that Biden is being influenced by progressives on the far left of the political spectrum, but he is optimistic about the new president’s administration.

“I have an open mind about this president and his administration, but we will wait and watch and see what they do,” explained Masters.

Both voters said they believe the American people can still become less divided.

“It’s not going to be an easy problem to solve, but I don’t think there’s anything that’s impossible,” said Mingo.

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