An update on Hadley and Gentry Eddings

Hadley and Gentry Eddings update

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Do you recognize Hadley and Gentry Eddings?

If you don’t recognize them, you might remember their story. This young Charlotte couple got in a terrible wreck in May of 2015. A distracted driver was to blame. They survived, but their 2-year-old son Dobbs, did not. Hadley was also 8-months pregnant. Their son Reed was born in the hospital, but died three days later.

There is no guidebook for how to navigate that kind of pain. Yet, Hadley and Gentry did so with grace, honesty and faith. Gentry, a pastor with Forest Hills in Charlotte, talked in raw terms about God leading them, and following whatever path he had them on for whatever might come next.

In the wake of the accident, Gentry and Hadley also felt moved to build a school in Haiti—a place where they had gone together on a mission trip years before—in the name of Dobbs and Reed. Lots of donations came in and the school started up soon after.

Then, in 2016, Hadley found out she was pregnant.

With… remarkably... twin boys.

Isiah Dobbs and Amos Reed were born in July of 2017. Both of them with an older brother’s name as their middle one.

Six weeks later Hadley invited us into their home. As she said then, their new identical twin babies were “miracles.” Gentry also said what had happened was “hard to take in.”

“You have to take a step back to get the bigger picture of what’s happening,” he said then.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been thinking about Hadley lately. No real reason, just that she is the kind of person whom once you meet she sticks with you. Was thinking I wanted to reach out to her. Then, out of the blue yesterday, one of you Facebook messaged asking if there was an update to the Eddings family; that you hadn’t heard anything for years and their story had always stuck with you.

It was happily odd timing. That message spurred me to text Hadley. She was instantly as gracious as always and replied with photos (more down in comments) and a great email.

“We are doing very well,” she said. “Isaiah and Amos are three-and-a-half years old and attending preschool two mornings a week. They are all about superheroes, dinosaurs, and wrestling with daddy. We are still with Forest Hill Church where Gentry is the campus pastor for the Ballantyne location. I’m home with the boys.”

She says their first two boys are never far from their minds.

“It has been over five years now since we lost Dobbs and Reed,” she said. “We still feel very close with them. Isaiah and Amos talk and ask about their brothers in heaven on a daily basis. We, like all of the world, have done our best to make the most of the last year. While it has been difficult in some ways, we have found joy in slowing down and spending more time with family.”

Hadley said Mission of Hope Haiti is still very dear to both her and Gentry, and the Dobbs and Reed Eddings Primary School continues to educate and feed many children in Haiti.

What a great update, Hadley. Thank you. It’s great to share happy news, something we can’t get enough of right now.

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