Many in Group 2 can’t get COVID-19 vaccine appointments; Biden has plan to vaccinate 100 million in 100 days

New administration's plan to roll out vaccine

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - You’ve probably heard the complaints, if not experienced the truth for yourself: The vaccine roll-out is slow across the country.

And the CDC has labeled North and South Carolina as two of the slowest states.

But that could soon change starting at the end of this week.

President-elect Joe Biden says he has big plans to give 100 million vaccinations in 100 days as soon as he’s inaugurated.

Many people who are eligible to get vaccinated right now can’t find an appointment right here in Charlotte.

And there are many reasons why demand is high, and supply is low.

However, many are asking why that wasn’t all figured out before the vaccine was approved.

“Hopefully the frustration will be alleviated soon,” said Pam Shimberg.

Frustration. That’s the word many are using about COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

They’re hard to come by, including for Shimberg.

“Gave them my age the fact that I have two pre-existing conditions and at the end of the session, they bumped me to group 4 instead of group 2 which is where I’m supposed to be because of my age,” she said.

Her husband David was able to get a vaccination appointment but not until March.

“It’s been rolled out but it’s kind of haphazard,” David said.

David says he knows that from experience -- he used to be a disaster planner before retirement.

“Back when we were concerned by avian flu and swine flu, FEMA and county health departments had entire plans for setting up centers for setting up shots,” David said. “I have trouble understanding why they’re having so much trouble now.”

That’s one thing president-elect Joe Biden is hoping to fix on his quest to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days. He rolled the country’s new plan out last week.

“In my first day in office, I will instruct FEMA to set up the first of these centers. by the end of the first month of office we’ll have 100 of these centers across the nation,” said Biden.

Biden’s plan also includes increasing the supply of the vaccine. But, that can also make people wonder. Pam raised concerns about moving too fast.

“You do not want to risk the quality of the vaccine. You want it to stay the same quality,” she said. “I’m afraid if they start rushing everything through, trying to get millions of people vaccinated we may lose that quality.”

Biden’s plan also includes getting more health care workers trained to give the vaccines and to combat vaccine hesitancy by focusing on a federal plan to ensure to Americans the vaccine is safe.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he believes the plan to vaccinate 100 million in 100 days is doable.

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