‘This is something that should be bipartisan’: Nurse speaks to WBTV while receiving first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Nurse describes vaccination experience

MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - Holly Wilson, a nurse at a long-term care facility in Matthews, said she received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday. Wilson spoke to WBTV via Zoom as she was receiving the shot.

“I’m here with the wonderful pharmacists from CVS who have come to our facility to do this for us and I can’t thank them enough to be a part of this,” Wilson told WBTV as a needle was inserted into her arm.

The process appeared to happen very fast.

“It just happened and I didn’t even feel it,” said Wilson, happily after receiving the shot.

When asked why she wanted to publicize her experience getting the shot, the nurse said she wanted to be an advocate regarding the vaccine.

“It feels good and I just want to say that I think this is something that should be bipartisan. It should be across party lines,” Wilson said. “Dr. (Anthony) Fauci has said in order for us to be at herd immunity and get back to normal and get the country back, we need to be 70 percent of the population vaccinated, and we’re nowhere close to that.”

The nurse admitted that it has been frightening working in a long-term care facility during the pandemic. She spoke about the requirements for employees at the facility.

“We get tested twice a week and I’m always anxious that it’s gonna come back positive,” said Wilson. “It’s been a lot of anxiety with that so I feel like a big weight’s been lifted off of me now.”

During a state coronavirus task force press conference Tuesday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper mentioned the need for vaccinations in long-term care facilities.

“We are particularly concerned about people who are turning down the vaccine who are staffing our long-term healthcare facilities, but it’s one of the reasons why the (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services) is getting out the public service announcements,” said Cooper.

NC DHHS released a new public service announcement video Tuesday. It features prominent North Carolinians and specifically encourages seniors to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Wilson said it was very important for her to get vaccinated against the virus.

“Working with my patients and my fellow coworkers and just for the betterment of just the community altogether,” said Wilson, as to why she wanted to get the vaccine.

She said she plans to get the second dose of the vaccine in about four weeks.

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