600 doses of COVID-19 vaccine distributed in Rowan County

Updated: Jan. 14, 2021 at 3:24 PM EST
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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Rowan County’s drive thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic was back in operation on Thursday, with 600 doses of the vaccine distributed. The county had hoped to hold these clinics all week, but high demand and a limited supply of the vaccine made that impossible.

Like every other county, Rowan is dependent on the state of North Carolina to supply the vaccines. Rowan Health Department Director Nina Oliver says they know a shipment is coming next week, but don’t know when it will arrive, or how many doses they’ll receive.

After some logistical problems on Monday and a small supply of the vaccine, the Health Department director says things went better on Thursday.

“We went back and we made some changes and it is much smoother today,” Oliver said.

“So we were here Monday, so excited,” said Rowan resident Sharon Miller. “We waited in line, waited in line, they ran out, so we’re here again, got here at 5:45.” Miller was one of many turned away on Monday when the doses were all gone.

“By the time I got in the line back there, they said they were out of it and I had to go home,” said Carlton Rankin.

Many of those who missed out on Monday were back in line on Thursday. This time they were assured of getting the shot because of a new system the Health Department was using to handle the traffic.

Volunteers and staff passed out tickets to each car as it arrived in the West End Plaza parking lot. When the 600th ticket was given out, they stopped letting cars in, that way they didn’t have to turn away anyone who was already in line.

“We’re so excited about getting it because it’s the thing to do.” said Miller.

The director says she is pleased with the demand for the vaccine. She says the county is doing its best to meet the need. She says Thursday’s announcement by Governor Roy Cooper about expanding who can get the shot will be a challenge.

“I believe that the state is approving 65 and older, we’re hoping though they sent us more vaccine to target that population.” Oliver said.

Oliver added that she is hopeful that when Rowan County receives more vaccines, her staff will be able to offer the first dose clinic on Wednesday, and the second dose clinic on Thursday.

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