Union County Public Schools shifts back to in-person learning

Union County Public Schools returning to in-person learning

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -Union County Public Schools (UCPS) is moving back into in-person learning beginning Monday, January 11th.

Plan A and Plan B will resume for all students K-12.

Elementary students will resume in-person classes four days a week. Meanwhile, middle/high school students will continue in-person classes two days a week.

Fridays will remain a remote learning day for all. In addition to that, students enrolled in the Plan D all-virtual learning environment will be able to continue as planned.

School leaders with UCPS say, after analyzing data reports for COVID-19 for both students and staff, they believed it was safe enough to return to both plans that allow for in-personal learning.

The district shared on its website that between December 22 and January 8 there have been 332 reported cases of coronavirus. As of the 40th day of school, nearly 40,000 students were enrolled district-wide in UCPS; WBTV’s most recent check showed 8,000 were enrolled in remote learning.

UCPS teacher advises student during in-person learning
UCPS teacher advises student during in-person learning (Source: Sharonne Hayes, WBTV)

The district says all of the reported cases have been addressed by a school nurse.

For more information on the move back to in-person learning, you can view the UCPS update here.

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