Passengers concerned about cleanup at Charlotte-Douglas airport during pandemic

Passengers concerned about cleanup at Charlotte-Douglas airport during pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In the terminals of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport thousands of people crisscrossing the country intersect.

It’s where Ron Cornelius witnessed one of the most troubling things he’s seen since the pandemic started.

“I guess what really surprised us was not so much that she was sick, it was the aftermath,” Cornelius told WBTV.

Cornelius was flying through Charlotte last month on his way to Florida when he saw a woman being treated by medics, visibly ill, and moaning.

“And they transported her out through the gangway area, and then to an ambulance and and took off with her,” Cornelius said.

What worried him was the lack of cleanup after it happened.

“They didn’t do anything in the chair area which kind of surprised me,” Cornelius said.

“You don’t know yet if that woman’s got Covid or something**

An airport spokesperson said that woman was not suspected of having Covid-19 and that airport workers rely on guidance from medical professionals to determine what kind of cleaning to do.

That’s not to say Covid cases aren’t present in the airport.

Medic has responded to 32 suspected Covid-19 cases at Charlotte-Douglas since the pandemic began. Five of them have been since the beginning of November.

On 14 of the responses the call was cancelled when a crew was responding to the airport.

American-Airlines did not respond to our repeated request for information regarding how they help in protecting passengers from Covid in a situation like this.

A spokesperson for Charlotte-Douglas wrote “With the emergence of COVID-19, the Aviation Department created a robust procedure for cleanup after pandemic-related calls. This more intense and immediate cleaning is based on CDC guidance and includes deploying the portable HEPA filters to quickly clean the air in the area.”

“I think it’s kind of irresponsible on the airlines part to not do anything after somebody was that sick,” Cornelius said.

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