Burke County Public Schools nurses to help health department administer COVID-19 vaccine

Burke County School nurses to help administer vaccine

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Burke County Public Schools nurses will help the heath department within the county administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since March, those school nurses have been educating the schools on how to prevent COVID-19 and how to recognize the symptoms.

“Our nurses will be going out into our community to help whenever and wherever we are needed to assist in administering vaccines to the community,’ Burke County Public Schools Head Nurse Miranda Michaels said. “We are available and willing to help with vaccination distribution.”

Michaels said the nurses have been trained to give the vaccines and will start this week.

“We have a great relationship with the health officials in our community and are proud to continue that relationship through this next phase,” Michaels said.

Burke County is currently in Phase 1A of the vaccine rollout.

In a week or two, those in the community who are 75 or older will be eligible for the vaccine as part of Phase 1B-Group 1.

Teachers are part of the second phase of the state’s vaccine rollout plan.

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