Push continues to get COVID vaccine to vulnerable groups

Push continues to vaccinate vulnerable populations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Across the Carolinas, the push continues to get those in our most vulnerable population vaccinated.

In South Carolina, hospitals have started vaccinating patients 65 and older.

In North Carolina, people 75 and older have been able to get their first dose since Wednesday, when the state moved in Phase 1b Group 1.

Susi Robinson’s father was the first to get vaccinated at his long-term care facility in Matthews.

“I woke up feeling lighthearted because I knew dad was getting a vaccine that day,” she said.

Wednesday marked the first-time those other than frontline workers were able to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

“I said how was it? He said, ‘I didn’t even feel it’ and he started on his to-do list for me,” she added.

According to North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ dashboard, 9 percent of those vaccinated have been over the age of 75.

The push now is to get the vaccine to our vulnerable populations as quick as possible.

“Focusing on ones now hospitalized for non-COVID reasons,” Interim Public Health Director Dr. Brannon Traxler told WBTV earlier this week. “Focus on that population that is more susceptible to more severe disease.”

Getting the vaccine to those who need it is something Robinson agrees with.

“I believe we need to roll with and roll fast for anybody who wants it of that age group. Not just the 75 and older. There are lot of vibrant people 65 to 75 who have been sheltering at their own homes,” she said.

Robinson also says this week has been one of gratitude with her father getting his first dose of the vaccine.

“Everything about that makes it a little lighter. Looking ahead, the ability for being able to mingle with the other residents more freely, coming to our home to have dinner time-to-time,” she added.

Robinson says for those skeptical of a vaccine, to talk to a healthcare professional. Express your concerns and then decide based on the facts.

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