Morganton handles first snow of the year

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 7:04 PM EST
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MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - Snow started falling early Friday morning in Morganton. The weather conditions caused some problems on the roadways for some drivers. Safety crews report no serious injuries.

“This morning it was a little bit slick as the roadways here in places here in Burke - several cars ran off in the roadway - one overturned,” N.C. State Trooper Carroll Hallyburton said. “Few tractor-trailer wrecks on 181.”

Hallyburton is reminding drivers to stay off the roads, but if they have to go out follow these rules.

“Allow yourself plenty of time as road conditions change throughout the day,” he said. “It may refreeze tonight, so it will be another hazard and allow yourself plenty following distance.”

There was a Winter Storm Warning issued for Morganton. Not only was this the first snow of 2021 but the first in modern history happening during a pandemic. NC State Trooper Hallyburton talks about responding to emergencies during bad weather and COVID-19.

“You got to have more procedures,” Hallyburton said. “More PPE that has to be worn and everything else on top of the weather - it makes it a lot more difficult.”

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine was canceled Friday in Morganton. Parents believe the snow came at the right time. They say they were glad to hear their children laughing and smiling while playing in the snow. They say with the recent current events and students still dealing with a new way of teaching and learning - having a fun assignment to do was appreciated.

“Everything has been so chaotic for them,” Parent Jocelyn Flores said. “And emotionally it’s been hard - at least being distracted from everything that’s going on - I think it’s important for them.”

Extra crews were out on the roadways in Morganton to keep an eye on things.

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