Matthews woman shares story of COVID-19 vaccination experience to encourage others

Local woman shares experience getting vaccine

MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - Matthews resident Connie Green-Johnson spoke to WBTV via Zoom Tuesday night, expressing her excitement about getting signed up for COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Her first appointment was scheduled for Thursday morning. WBTV followed up with Green-Johnson about getting the shot.

“People are calling me every 15 minutes saying, ‘how are you feeling?’. I am feeling great and my arm, as I said, is not sore,” explained the Matthews woman Thursday night.

Green-Johnson said she received the shot around 9:45 a.m. Thursday morning and hasn’t experienced any symptoms. She said the vaccination process went smoothly. She went to a drive-thru site run by Atrium Health.

“I’m just impressed with the function and the delivery of how the process went so smoothly, both very professional, very clear. It just was done timely,” explained Green-Johnson.

She said it was important for her to share the message about her experience for others. She hopes to encourage more people to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

“I’m a health advocate and I want to see everyone healthy. I want to see us free to roam where we want to go and be able to hug our relatives,” said Green-Johnson. “We’ve missed a lot of living cause we’ve been sheltered in.”

While vaccination sites across the Charlotte metro area have been busy in recent days, state officials have said they are still hearing reports that some people are declining the vaccine. NCDHHS secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen addressed the topic at a state press conference Wednesday.

“We need to understand these vaccines are built upon years of work to develop vaccines for similar viruses. Like all vaccines they were rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. More than 70,000 people volunteered in clinical trials for the two vaccines to make sure that they were safe,” elaborated Cohen.

Green-Johnson said she understands that some people are hesitant about getting the vaccine, but said she trusts the science.

“I know about the history. I know about the Tuskegee. I know about all the other incidents where blacks have come out on the negative side of healthcare. We’ve been sort of used as guinea pigs, but you know, this is the 21st Century. I kind of want to think things are different,” said Green-Johnson.

She said she is scheduled to get her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine later this month.

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