Matthews man arrested storming US Capitol. ‘I’m sure he would do it all again’ associate says.

Matthews man arrested at U.S. Capitol

MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - A Matthews man was arrested in Washington, D.C. Wednesday as part of the violent group of pro-Trump supporters that stormed the United States Capitol, causing chaos and bloodshed.

Police records from the Metropolitan Police Department show Earl Glosser was charged with curfew violation and unlawful entry.

WBTV was able to track down Glosser’s home address to a neighborhood in Matthews.

When we knocked on the door, a woman who refused to identify herself answered and confirmed that Glosser was in D.C. Wednesday.

“He wanted to be a part of this,” the woman told WBTV.

Asked if Glosser would have any regrets about the riots the woman said no.

“Absolutely not, I’m sure he would do it all again,” the woman said.

“I think the way things are working out right now is absolutely ridiculous. It’s just kind of embarrassing to be an American right now.”

WBTV Investigative Reporter conducts interview about man arrested in DC riot

When asked what she meant the woman referenced alleged fraud in the presidential election. No evidence of widespread election fraud has been found or verified in any state.

“The fraudulent claims and everything, it’s ridiculous. Wearing a mask is absolutely ridiculous,” the woman said.

WBTV has requested details from the Metropolitan Police Department about Glosser’s arrest but the department has not provided any additional information yet.

According to Metropolitan Police logs, seven people from North Carolina were arrested on Wednesday. All seven of them were charged with curfew violation and three of them had an additional charge of unlawful entry.

Thursday afternoon, Metropolitan Police shared the hometowns of the people from North Carolina who had been arrested:

  • JERE BROWER 45, Sanford, NC - Curfew Violation, Unlawful entry
  • EARL GLOSSER 40, Matthews, NC - Curfew Violation, Unlawful entry
  • LANCE GRAMES 42, Sarfield, NC - Curfew Violation, Unlawful entry
  • TIM SCARBORO 33, Monroe, NC - Curfew Violation
  • JAMES SMAWLEY 27, Charlotte, NC - Curfew Violation
  • JAY THAXTON 46, Concord, NC - Curfew Violation
  • MICHAEL JONES 23, Charlotte, NC - Curfew Violation

Glosser was arraigned Thursday afternoon. He was released from jail and ordered not to be in the District of Columbia except for court related reasons. His next court date is June 10th.

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