Foothill communities hopeful for their first chance of snow this season

Mountains and foothills prepare for snow

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We’ve seen snow in the mountains this winter but this could be the first chance for the foothills to see some.

Many people started to prepare for some inches of snow possibly coming on Friday.

“I hope it snows a foot” said Greg Williams as he piled bags of sand into his truck.

He’s on his way to Burlington tonight and wanted to prepare for possible bad weather on the roads.

“To help with traction a truck doesn’t have a lot of weight in the back. It gives me better control on the road in case we have bad weather,” he said.

He came to Killian’s Hardware in Hickory to get what he needed. Many others came there to stock up on snow shovels and sleds.

“You see families. Kids come in looking for sleds. Things like that,” said Whitney Kirby, who helps manage the store.

She says storms like this help business in their usually slow season.

“In the foothills you never know when you’re going to get some snow. So we keep everything stocked up. But it does pick up. We loaded like three pallets first things this morning,” she said.

And although it’s never for sure if snow is going to stick, people are hopeful.

“Couple of days of a really good snow. I love it. Kids love it. At some point we’ll take the kids up the mountains and let them do some snow tubing,” said Williams.

Salt trucks were out on the highways through Catawba and Burke County this afternoon prepping the roads as well.

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