Lindsey Graham: “Count me out. Enough is enough”

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham to Senate: 'Enough is enough'
Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham to Senate: 'Enough is enough'
Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 10:43 PM EST
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WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS News) - Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and one of the president’s most stalwart allies, reiterated his opposition to rejecting states’ electoral votes, saying Republican efforts to overrule the will of the people fly in the face of democracy.

“i think it’s a uniquely bad idea to delay this election. Trump and I, we had a hell of a journey. I hate it being this way. I hate it being this way,” he said. “All I can say is count me out. Enough is enough.”

“I don’t buy this. Enough’s enough. We’ve got to end it,” Graham continued. “Vice President Pence, what they are asking you to do you won’t do because you can’t ... If you’re a conservative, this is the most offensive concept in the world, that a single person could disenfranchise 155 million people.”

Graham concluded by saying that “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected and will be the president and vice president of the United States on January the 20th,” earning applause from his colleagues.

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