Students, staff remember coach, teacher who died from COVID-19 in Lincoln County

Memorial for coach who died from COVID-19

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A memorial was held Wednesday night for beloved teacher Jamie Seitz, who was also a coach and a mentor.

He died last Sunday after losing his battle with the coronavirus. Staff and students lit hundreds of luminaries and remembered a man who touched so many lives.

“A shining star is what you are, illuminating the sky,” said a staff member.

Loss cuts deep. A friend, bother, son or colleague. What a person does in life echoes in eternity. If those words are true, Jamie Seitz will not be forgotten.

“I’m going to miss our talks, I’m going to miss our game plans.” said a faculty member.

Seitz was a teacher, coach and mentor at Lincoln Charter School. He was known as a compassionate man, filled with sympathy and empathy.

Friends and family remembered a man who left his legacy not only on the students in his class, but for everyone who knew him.

“The way he could just enter the room and light up the room with his smile all the kids and stuff all the kids would go crazy as soon as he walked into the room.” said a former student.

Those who knew him describe Seitz as the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back, which most times would be a football jersey being a rabid Buffalo Bills fan. Students even chanted the familiar mantra during the memorial Seitz repeated so many times.

He was also a hero, who once risked his life for a total stranger.

“In May of 1999 Jamie witnessed a woman under attack from another man with a knife. Even though he was stabbed several times, Jamie was able to rescue the woman and her daughter from the assailant.” said a teacher at the school.

His memorial had songs, smiles and tears. Outside, candles lined roadways as his friends looked to pay tribute to a friend long missed.

As the evening closed, lanterns were sent skyward. A sign of a life well-lived and a promise that his name will be etched into the school’s history.

“He has bridged the gap between life and death. And his spirit will forever live on in our hearts. In the halls of his school, and in the eyes of his students,” a teacher said.

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