Belmont Santa getting creative in COVID-distancing

Belmont Santa getting creative in COVID-distancing
This Belmont family has found a new way to visit with Santa during the pandemic. (Source: Megan Carsno)

BELMONT, N.C. (WBTV) - So many good lil’ stories these past few days. Including this one. Belmont mom Lisa Shell started off with a question… how is Santa getting everything done with 2020 distancing?

Turns out, she says, he’s FaceTiming.

Lisa usually takes her two kiddos to the local antique mall to see what she calls, “a seriously good Santa.” He’s a local celebrity in Gaston County. A few weeks ago Lisa saw a post on Facebook, saying if you wanted to still have some Santa interaction, to email him your kids’ names and their Christmas list by December 14th… he’d have a special COVID surprise.

Lisa sent the email. Said she didn’t expect much in return.

Then she got an email asking if her kids would like a video call.

After texting about availability, Santa called 7-year-old Edward and 4-year-old Savannah.

“I’ve never seen them more starstruck,” Lisa said. “He chuckled when our screen popped up with their faces. He greeted them by name, then took the time to have a great conversation. He didn’t rush them once. He answered questions, and even negotiated with Edward about not being able to see him Christmas Eve.”

Lisa said Santa told them he was double-checking his list and wanted to review what they’d asked for.

“My son’s mouth literally dropped as Santa read off his list,” Lisa wrote. “My kids held it together pretty well until he hung up and then they were screaming and jumping. My 4-year-old immediately started drawing Santa pictures she put under the tree. I can only imagine how many incredibly tearful, happy moments he has created by doing this… all something he’s organizing and doing on his own time.”

Well, Belmont Santa. You’re the real deal. You are Christmas magic.

Thank you.


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