D9 Brewing Kicks Off 12 Beers Of Christmas

What is your favorite holiday flavor? Gingerbread? Sugar Cookie?

D9 Brewing Kicks Off 12 Beers Of Christmas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A local brewery is counting down the days to Christmas in a fun way, with the 12 Beers of Christmas. It’s a chance to try some really unique flavors. Carli Smith is the Charlotte-area Head Brewer for D9 Brewing Company and Megan Miller is the Marketing Director. They joined us on the show to talk about the creative way to celebrate Christmas and why they chose each flavor.

Megan asked what better way to celebrate the holidays early than with 12 Days of Christmas beer? She says Carli helped her create these flavors and every day a new flavor will be on tap, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. She says they’re really encouraging people to come out try these unique beers. Carli tells us they wanted to pull from traditional Christmas flavors.

Cheryl got a chance to taste Sugar Cookie Lager, White Chocolate Pretzel, Nuthouse, Lemon Chiffon. Keep watching to find out which one was her favorite.

The full list of beers for the 12 days include:

12/14 | Nuthouse

12/15 | Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour

12/16 | Lemon Chiffon

12/17 | Go, Ginger Go

12/18 | Mint Me under the Mistletoe

12/19 | Sugar Cookie Lager

12/20 | White Chocolate Pretzel

12/21 | Twisted Hero

12/22 | Regifted Fruitcake

12/23 | Grandma’s Christmas Toffee

12/24 | White Christmas

12/26 | Systema Cranberry & Sumac

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