Possible wintry Wednesday

Possible wintry Wednesday
A system could bring wintry mix this week. (Source: First Alert Weather)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Right now, we may be enjoying a nice, mild Sunday. However, temperatures will be taking a big turn in the week ahead! This is the last time we will see the 60s for a while.

On Monday, a system will move through and bring rain for the first half of the day. It will also usher in cooler temperatures (just not in time to bring winter weather on Monday). The cooler air will move in after the wet part of the system. Monday night temperatures will fall close to freezing and highs only reach the upper 40s on Tuesday. This is what will set us up for a better chance for winter weather on Wednesday.

As the colder air nestles in, another system will approach from the west and bring precipitation.

It will be one of those situations where there will be warmer air above the surface and colder air close to the ground. That isn’t what we like to see. If it was all cold, we could get a lovely snow. (That rarely seems to work out for us, does it?)

Our longer-range models are differing on what they think will happen. One keeps things a little warmer than the other. Both seem to indicate that the Charlotte area and points south and east will just be looking at rain this time. A chilly rain – but rain all the same. There is a little more disagreement over the mountains and foothills. They both bring in the possibility of freezing rain – one of the worst types of weather. They differ on amounts. One would bring less than a tenth of an inch. The other could bring a quarter to a third of an inch. Let’s hope the first one wins.

Freezing rain issues
Freezing rain issues (Source: First Alert Weather)

Here’s why the amount is so significant. First of all, any amount on roads and sidewalks can cause problems. Ice laughs at your four-wheel drive.

When you start to get up to ¼” of ice, bridges will be slick. You’ll likely have an accumulation on your windshield and there could be light ice on trees.

½- ¼” of ice can start to bring down trees and power lines. Most roads will be very icy.

½”+ will cause widespread power outages and very dangerous roads.

More models will be available when we are within 48 hours of the event so we will know more tomorrow.

In the meantime, stay tuned! It could be interesting!

- Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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