For the decision or against it? Day after CMS move to remote learning, parents remain split on vote

CMS board votes to move students to remote learning

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A day after Charlotte-Mecklenburg School leaders voted to move K-12 students to full remote learning, parents and educators remain divided over the decision.

Pre-K students will continue on their current in-person schedule and EC students with IEPs that direct in-person learning are also not part of the decision, CMS said.

“It is definitely stepping in the right direction,” said educator and parent Amanda Thompson-Rice. “A little alarmed about them excluding the Pre-K and EC because unsafe conditions for one is unsafe for all.”

Lavida Mickens, a CMS teacher and parent, says she supports the full remote option.

“I really feel like they made the best decision for students at this time looking at what’s happening not only in our county but our state,” said Mickens. “This an opportunity for us to get to know our children as learners and also get to know ourselves as parents.

Lou Ann Wery has three children in school. She says remote learning for her sixth-grader has taught her time management.

“I want it to continue, I don’t want it to go away even after the pandemic,” she said.

Some parents say that not giving them a choice for in-person learning was the wrong decision.

“I’m very disappointed in their vote,” added Nikki Gregg. “Our school board voted to keep kids home and to do virtual based on fear and based upon what the teachers wanted. Not what is best and safest for the children.”

“People don’t want to send their kids back to school, I’m in full support of that. But there are ones that want to, they can’t seem to figure out an option and that is a problem,” said Kylie Rowlson.

“It needs to be a choice. I think the school board -- not all -- are basing their decision off fear,” added Jennifer W.

Sarah Knepp says remote learning has caused issues for her children.

“My 9-year-old and 7-year-old are having eyes burning, having headaches, having breakdowns, they have high anxiety, they’re depressed,” she said.

Remote learning will start next Monday, Dec. 14. High school and middle school students who are scheduled to come to school for the end of course testing on Monday through Dec. 18 are still be expected to do so.

As of now, students are expected to return to the classroom on Jan. 19 according to their rotating schedules.

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