‘He was a good boy’: Mother of 16-year-old shot days before Thanksgiving wants answers

Updated: Dec. 4, 2020 at 5:37 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - One hundred and nine people have been killed in the city of Charlotte this year, and 19 of those people were teenagers.

Sixteen-year-old Joshua Clawson was killed on November 20.

A 15 and 16 year old are now charged with his murder.

His mother wants justice for her son, who she says was not the intended target.

“My son told me he wanted to go over to his friend’s house and I said ‘OK Joshua be careful,’” Clawson said. “‘I love you. Get there safe,’ he said, ‘I love you too, mom.’”

Alisha Clawson did not know that would be the last conversation she would have with her 16-year-old son.

“The phone call, knocking on my door telling me, that’s all I think about non-stop every day, every day,” she said.

She says he was playing video games at a friend’s house when a bullet flew through a window and into his head.

“He wasn’t the target,” she said. “It wasn’t meant for him.”

According to the CMPD police report, six people were inside of the house at the time of the shooting, including a 10-year-old.

CMPD says shootings into occupied houses are up 46% from the same time last year.

Clawson says Joshua was a role model to his three siblings and the kind of child any parent could hope for.

“He was a good boy,” she said. “Smart, handsome, he had a lot of friends. Everyone knew him, loved him.”

Her life now flipped upside down for a second time, after already losing another child from a house fire in 2009.

“My house hasn’t ever been the same,” she said. “It’s just quiet.”

She wants answers.

“”For what?” she asked. “At the end of the day they didn’t win. They all lost. They all lost. You got one dead and the others in jail, so what did that solve?”

Now she is calling on her neighbors to help stop the violence.

“The parents and the fathers they need to step in so the community can be much better,” she said. “Kids killing each other out here, and they’re talking about black lives matter, but they’re out here killing each other, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Police are not releasing the names of the people charged in the murder because of their age.

Clawson says she does not know either of them.

She does want to know why 15 and 16-year-olds are getting access to guns, and she says as a city we need to do better.

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