Snow Days are now school days in Avery Co. thanks to virtual learning

Snow Days are now School Days in Avery county thanks to virtual learning

NEWLAND, N.C. (WBTV) - Despite all the snow across Avery County on Tuesday, the county’s school children did not get the days off that they would have in past years.

The experience of online learning due to the coronavirus crisis has given an extra option for snow days, say officials. It’s why on Tuesday and Wednesday, students were still in class - this time from home.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Brigman says it’s only possible because of the efforts of teachers, students, and the community during the crisis.

“We have seen some amazing things happen because of that team effort,” he said.

It means that there is a good chance, he added, that the school calendar will hold true until the last day. Right now, the last day of school is set for May 20. In past years, officials say that date would be laughed at.

Avery County normally sees at least a dozen snow days that have to be made up. Lincoln Masters has been teaching in the system for 15 years and, when asked if he could remember a year when school ended on time, his answer was a quick “No.”

Officials will continue to re-evaluate the system and adjust things along the way but they are hoping this year will be different, thanks to online learning.

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