Security staffing to increase at Concord Mills after disturbance closes mall early

Updated: Nov. 30, 2020 at 2:12 PM EST
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CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Concord Mills Mall had to shut its doors early on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Management at Concord Mills closed early on Saturday, following the lead of several stores that closed due to what police said were “disorderly teens.”

“Throughout the evening, a few groups of juveniles ranging from 10 to 30 in number were attempting to have verbal and physical altercations throughout the mall area,” said Concord Police Captain Vashon Clark. “Security officials and multiple law enforcement officers were already in the mall and responded to the disruptions. The groups of juveniles, ranging from ages 13-16, would run away through the hallways once law enforcement was present trying to direct them from gathering to view verbal altercations between various groups.”

Captain Clark said that mall management made the decision to close the mall for the safety of all visitors and to prevent the juveniles from continuing to cause disruptions by running and yelling throughout the mall hallways.

“There were no actual physical altercations reported or viewed and no one was charged that night. All teens and other citizens awaiting transportation were allowed to come onto the property and there were no further incidents,” Clark added.

Simon Properties, the owners of Concord Mills, has decided to increase staffing levels going forward for the holiday season to continue to combat this issue, according to police.

Several shoppers said they were locked down inside stores while the disturbance was going on. Perrell Bess said several family members were inside a children’s clothing store at the time.

“And they wouldn’t let them out and they said it took them about 40 minutes before Carter’s would let them out,” Bess said. “They couldn’t leave until they felt like it was comfortable and safe for them to leave, to get to the car.”

Bess added that his family members were more frustrated than frightened by what they saw on Saturday.

“Frustrated that they were not able to fully enjoy their weekend Black Friday type sales, weekend sales shopping.”

WBTV has reached out to Simon Properties for this story but there has not been any reply.

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