Last minute COVID-19 testing in Charlotte continues day before Thanksgiving

Last minute COVID testing before Thanksgiving

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Hours before Thanksgiving Day, some people are making last minute grocery store trips, while others are getting a covid-19 test.

They likely won’t get their results in time for Thanksgiving, but health officials still it’s smart to get tested.

The parking lot of Bojangles Coliseum was packed with wait times of up to four hours during covid-19 testing on Monday.

“We counted like 174 but we had to shut down early because too many people,” site manager Bou Haidara told WBTV.

He says they added a second tent Wednesday, but it was much quieter and faster.

“It took me three minutes,” Christopher Cole said. “Three to five minutes.”

Wait times were also short for people getting tested at the NorthWest Health Department Wednesday afternoon.

“We get our results back within 24 to 72 hours,” Haidara said. “More likely 72 hours.”

That time frame means many people chose to get tested earlier.

“I’m gonna still do my social distancing, still do my sanitation and all of that,” Cole said.

Beatrice Bates says with or without a test result, she’s scaling back this Thanksgiving.

“My kids are in Richmond, Virginia, so I told them I wasn’t coming to see them this Thanksgiving,” Bates said. “I was gonna stay put. So now that I am proactive, it makes me safe, them safe, and now it’s gonna be the community.”

Hundreds of cars filled the parking lot of StarMed Urgent Care in West Charlotte.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, 621 people were tested on Monday and 453 people were tested on Tuesday.

“Even though I don’t have symptoms, you need to be proactive,” Bates said. “You never know who you’ll meet in the drug store, the grocery store, or walking up and down the street. This is important!”

Haidara said even if you don’t get results by Thanksgiving, you could get them by Black Friday and other upcoming events which is also critical.

To find a testing site near you, click here.

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