Charlotte food banks facing high demand during holiday season and ongoing pandemic

More families relying on food banks this holiday season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Food pantries across the Charlotte community are in need of more donations this year. They say because of the covid-19 pandemic, they’re serving more families than ever.

Hope Street Food Pantry went from serving 50 families a week to more than 200 when the pandemic first started.

Now they’re getting ready to serve thanksgiving dinners, but as the holidays approach the need is growing in the community.

“We really just prayed a blessing over it and said God we’re opening doors. If you continue to bless us, we’ll continue to feed our community. we’ve been fortunate that we’ve never shut our doors each week,” said Melody Leedy, who runs the Hope Street Food Pantry.

She says the busiest time for the food pantry was in April, since then the numbers have dwindled down to about 150 families needing help each week. But as the holidays approach, the pantry is getting more calls like this one.

“‘Hey, my hours have been cut at work’, or ‘I lost my job’ or ‘I had a medical emergency,’” said Leedy. “it’s one of our honors to say ‘yes absolutely.’ If you say you need food, you need food.”

Many food banks are in good shape for Thanksgiving needs, like Hope Street Food Pantry. But they say they are accepting donations for Christmas and the rest of the year. Food banks are expecting they will be busy with more families and clients until the COVID-19 pandemic is over and people can get back on their feet.

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