WBTV’s Molly Grantham named a ‘Charlottean of the Year’

Congratulations, Molly! Molly Grantham named Charlottean of the year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Molly Grantham goes by many titles... mother, wife, writer, spokeswoman, news anchor and investigative reporter... the list goes on. And now, she has one more - a 2020 Charlottean of the Year.

That last honor was announced this week in an article by ‘Charlotte Magazine,’ and few are more deserving. The article details Molly’s many, many roles and achievements, and her entire family’s recent battle with COVID-19.

Charlotte Magazine named WBTV anchor Molly Grantham a 2020 'Charlottean of the Year.'
Charlotte Magazine named WBTV anchor Molly Grantham a 2020 'Charlottean of the Year.' (Source: Charlotte Magazine)

Not long after giving birth to her newest son Hobie, Molly and the rest of her family - husband Wes, 9-year-old daughter Parker, 6-year-old son Hutch and even the newborn baby - all had the virus. Hobie, the County Health Department, was “the youngest person tested in Mecklenburg County” and the “youngest presumptively positive case.”

Molly detailed the ordeal in a heartfelt Facebook post that immediately went viral. She and her family’s story was shared across the world, and was even picked up by major national news outlets.

“I was really surprised when it went viral because we had just lived it,” Molly told Charlotte Magazine. “What we went through with COVID - it is almost indescribable, but when you’re in the middle of it, living it, it doesn’t seem as crazy as when you get some distance and look back.”

“While 2020 continued to flatten us, the anchor, author, and mom made working parents feel seen,” Charlotte magazine wrote of Molly’s story.

Molly said she was “beyond surprised” by the honor, as she thought the magazine was interviewing her for a completely different reason.

But that, of course, was not the first time Molly had inspired parents. Since beginning at WBTV as an investigative reporter in 2003, she has turned juggling all the titles in her life into a form of art.

Molly is an Emmy-award winner who has extensively covered a variety of social issues including gangs, terrorism and the battle to legalize cannabis oil in North Carolina. She is heavily involved in Charlotte’s cancer community because her own family has been hit so hard, is a spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen Charlotte Affiliate and helps host the annual “Race for the Cure.”

She is also responsible for starting #MollysKids, which highlights local children facing touch medical battles. Her efforts have brought many of those stories and medical conditions to the public’s attention, raising awareness for those children and their families.

Molly Grantham's first book, “Small Victories: The Off-Camera Life of An On-Camera Mom”
Molly Grantham's first book, “Small Victories: The Off-Camera Life of An On-Camera Mom” (Source: WBTV)

In 2017, Molly wrote her first book, “Small Victories: The Off-Camera Life of An On-Camera Mom,” which went into more detail on the Facebook posts she shared while on maternity leave with Hutch.

In 2020 - during the pandemic - she published her second book, “The Juggle Is Real,” picks up where Grantham’s first book left off, chronicling the everyday struggles of motherhood and life in all its messy glory. (To check that out, or get a signed copy, you can visit www.mollygrantham.com.)

“Let’s face it, life is insane,” she writes. “Too many surprises. Nothing predictable. This year alone, we’ve dealt with coronavirus, an unexpected third pregnancy, and now home school.”

If ever there was a relatable time for a book about the struggles of juggling all that is expected of a mother — it’s now, during a global pandemic. Grantham has taken on a new role during this COVID-19 crisis as principal of her self-named homeschool, the Mermaid Academy. So why not add editing and publishing a second book to the list, too?

It’s surely safe to say that parents and working women all across the country and the world can’t wait to see what title Molly adds to her growing list next.

From your entire family here at WBTV - Congratulations Molly!

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