Opt in or out? CMS needs to know if your child will enroll in the Full Remote Academy for second semester

Updated: Nov. 16, 2020 at 5:31 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg School families have an important decision to make.

Families must decide if their child will enroll in the district’s Full Remote Academy.

“Parents want their kids to go back to school. I do. But I just, I don’t know," said parent Angela Shealy, "I don’t want to take that risk.”

Weighing the options, Shealy said, for her 5th grader, the decision comes down to health and safety.

“He said that if he could go back, he’d want to go into full hazmat suit, which I told him isn’t possible," said Shealy.

The decision by families comes as CMS reports a rise in its positive coronavirus cases across the district—in both students and staff.

CMS reports 18 new positive student cases 30 new positive staff cases

At least 38 schools confirmed a student or staff member has tested COVID-19 positive.

“We have 16 schools that have two or more positive cases," said CMS chief school performance officer Kathy Elling.

The decision is even more difficult-- parents say-- as national talks of a COVID-19 vaccine ramp up.

“I just don’t feel comfortable sending him back," Shealy said.

But CMS needs to know whether your child will attend school in-person, following the district’s rolling guidelines, or via the Full Remote Academy next semester.

Families have to communicate their decision to their child’s school via email, no later than November 30

Parents or guardians need to send that email to the school office, not to a student’s teacher.

“My son, we’ve talked about it…I just don’t feel comfortable sending him back," said Shealy. "He’s gonna do full remote again.”

In addition to deciding the type of learning your child will participate in the second semester, CMS says a survey will be available Nov. 16 on the CMS website and on individual school websites regarding the need for CMS-provided transportation for the second semester.

The district says families will need to have their child’s student ID number to begin the survey.

All families must let the district know if they require morning and/or afternoon bus transportation so that an accurate schedule can be made.

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