Cheryl Learns How To Make The Cowfish’s Gobble Gobble-ooshi Roll

Cheryl Learns How To Make The Cowfish's Gobble Gobble-ooshi Roll

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - One local business here in the QC is celebrating a big milestone, 10 years to be exact. Happy Birthday!

The Cowfish offers delicious burgers and sushi. It might seem strange to throw those two items on a menu, but they’ve made it work. The co-owner, Alan Springate joined us on QC@3, to talk about how this restaurant got started. He also taught Cheryl how to make their Gobble Gobble-ooshi Roll. This unique roll is dedicated to Thanksgiving. You can order it off the menu through November 25.

Alan tells us the idea for The Cowfish was honestly out of a little bit of necessity. He says he had a burger restaurant and his partner, Marcus Hall was involved in a sushi restaurant. He said they needed increased sales. Alan says they got together and started talking about combining these two foods. The rest, he says, is history!

The Cowfish will celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary all month long with social media giveaways!

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