Army vet helping Lancaster County fight COVID-19

Veteran doctor now fighting a different battle in SC

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - A doctor that spent years in the Army is now using that knowledge to help his community fight COVID-19. He is celebrating his first Veteran’s Day the best way he knows how.

He is an Army veteran who helped troops and active duty soldiers in this country and overseas. Now, who he is helping has changed, but his mission has not.

“Serving is definitely something I would consider a privilege,” says Dr. Nicholas Langan. “It’s a very unique experience.”

Langan served in the Army for almost 10 years. He was commissioned as a Captain after medical school.

“My grandfather served in the Marines and I also just liked this idea of everyone contributing to the benefit of the society as a whole,” he says.

Langan’s contributions were to the men and women on the front lines and their families. As a surgeon, he stitched, diagnosed and healed injuries both overseas and back here at home.

“It’s nice to know that by me being there, it allows them to do their job. I can at least offer them the knowledge that they have me to fall back on if they get hurt,” he says.

This past June he traded in his uniform for scrubs. Langan’s family settled down in Lancaster County where he is now fighting another battle - COVID-19.

“It does feel that way when you see an overwhelming number of people getting sick,” says Langan.

Just like with any battle, he is armed with his proper tools The most important is his personal protective equipment and Army knowledge.

“It’s very disciplined and very regimented but you also learn to improvise and use what you have and those are skills that could come in very handy,” he says.

So on his first Veteran’s Day, Langan celebrates by continuing his work to keep his community safe. Something that isn’t going unnoticed by the people around him.

“By doing this job I represent the military too. If I do a good job that sheds a good light on my military career,” he says.

“Every industry should welcome veteran’s into their work place,” says his coworker Tina Mathews. “They are the best of us.”

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