Trump supporters stand by the president’s legal strategy

But not everyone is convinced that the president still has a path to a second term

Trump supporters stand by the president’s legal strategy
Although the voting part of the election cycle is over, Trump supporters held a political rally Sunday in one East Texas city.

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Congressman Mike Johnson, who represents Northwest Louisiana, sent a tweet this weekend saying he called President Donald Trump to reassure him that his legal strategy can work to keep him in office and to urge him to stay strong.

While some local GOP leaders also offer their support, not everyone is convinced the president still has a path to a second term.

Trump insists the election is being stolen through voter fraud.

Louis Avallone, chairman of the Caddo Parish Republican Party, also insists that this year’s election is rife with voter fraud, as we too will discover coming this week when the president’s attorneys head back to court.

“We want to make sure that every legally cast vote gets counted,” Avallone said.

“Researching in Michigan, we’ve got folks that are a 130 years old, 150 years old who are casting ballots.”

But beyond isolated cases of alleged voter fraud, local historian and LSU-Shreveport professor Gary Joiner says large-scale fraud, the kind President Trump claims is responsible for tens of thousands of illegal ballots in several battleground states, does not appear to be as easy to find.

“I think the news outlets would have been all over it. If not national, local would have done it because everybody was watching this.”

And Joiner says he can see a scenario in which President Trump concedes the election, sort of.

“I think he’s going to do it in his own way. I think he’s probably going to concede but not use the words.”

A Trump concession, explains Joiner, could go a long way to begin healing this deeply divided country.

But others, like Avallone, say the legal fight to preserve the president’s second term has really just begun, all to figure out what he calls the true will of the people.

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