Employment scams rampant in Charlotte area

Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 6:21 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A new warning was issued to anyone out of work and looking for a job.

Scam artists have developed a new rip off designed to specifically target job seekers.

What looks like a big new job opportunity may actually be a scam to steal your money.

“This is probably one of the most insidious scams we’ve seen during the pandemic,” said President of the Better Business Bureau Tom Bartholomy.

Bartholomy said they’ve received countless complaints.

The scammers have developed very realistic looking employment ads that promise a competitive salary that sound too good to be true.

Bartholomy said all they want is your credit card number.

“You’re looking for a job and you find something you think is legitimate and you end up losing more money," Bartholomy said.

There are phony listings on places like “Indeed” and other job boards, but primarily, scammers rely on emails and texts, accessing your information through hacking and after data breaches. They offer you a job and the ability to work from home.

“They make the call and everything seems very legitimate," Bartholomy said. "They go through an interview process, they fill out an application online and everything seems – ‘wow– this is going well.’”

But once they get you hooked, things quickly start to unravel.

It starts with unsolicited charges like getting you to pay for software or computers that are required by your “new employer” for your new position.

“So you can’t really use your own laptop, you can’t really use Microsoft products, you need to use our software and it’s going to cost you $400, but you’ll make that back with your first paycheck,” Bartholomy said.

The next step is to get your banking information for “direct deposit” for your “new paychecks.”

They ask you to deposit a check and transfer funds to another account so they can set up your new account. Or, you will be asked to fill out a tax form and fill in your social security number on it.

The BBB says the best way to keep from falling for this scam is to make sure the company you’re applying to is who they say they are.

Research the company online, call their phone numbers and ask questions.

If you have any concerns, don’t share your personal information.

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