Mecklenburg County votes to break with Cardinal Innovations

Mecklenburg County votes to break with Cardinal Innovations
Wednesday night, Mecklenburg County Commissioners voted to start the process of disengaging with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Wednesday night, Mecklenburg County commissioners voted to break with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare after a turbulent relationship filled with problems providing service.

During a Board of County Commissioners meeting, Assistant County Manager Anthony Trotman outlined a number of problems the county has continued to experience with Cardinal.

Trotman said there are significant wait times for some behavioral health services and that the average wait time for hard-to-place children is approximately five months.

In some cases Trotman said the county has had to directly contract with with other healthcare providers because of Cardinal’s inability to do so itself.

But the break with Cardinal is anything but straightforward.

The county is required to write a letter to the the DHHS Secretary, the general assembly and other counties in Cardinal’s network. The county must wait nine months and provide a plan to work with another behavioral health services provider.

During the meeting County Manager Dena Diorio said that anywhere from eight to nine counties are considering disengaging with Cardinal. Union and Cabarrus counties have already voted to disengage.

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