The election is not over; What comes next in Mecklenburg County

Why is it taking so long to count ballots?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - According to Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson only about 15 percent of voters cast ballots on Election Day.

Absentee ballots are still in the mail, meaning the work is far from done.

“We never stop counting until all of the eligible votes are counted and added to the final, certified, and audited results," said Kim Brinson Bell, North Carolina State Board of Elections Director.

Right now, there are an estimated 117,000 outstanding ballots in North Carolina.

“I would say 10 to 11,000 would be from Mecklenburg County," Dickerson said. "We’ll check to see how many of those people showed up yesterday and voted and you check those off the list. You also see how many don’t show up period.”

According to the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, about 1,000 absentee ballots have been returned and still need to be counted.

They have to research another 2,300 provisional ballots, half of which are typically ruled as valid.

“It’s where we should be," Dickerson said. "It’s just the closeness of the race. We have no control over that in this business we just tally the votes.”

It’s what they do after every presidential Election Day.

“We’ll scan everybody that came in yesterday, we’ll make sure that we gave them voter history," Dickerson said.

Next, they are processing more ballots.

“Now we start ok those absentee ballots lets work those make they’re ok, provisional votes the same way give them to the board accept or deny and count those that we’re trying to do now," Dickerson said.

According to the State Board of Elections, the rest of the absentee voting results will not be made public until November 12th when the election is finalized.

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