A look at how President Trump and nominee Joe Biden’s job plans could impact North Carolina

A look at how President Trump and nominee Joe Biden’s job plans could impact North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians are without jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the election right around the corner, many people are wondering how the next president will tackle the unemployment crisis.

Thomas McCoy lost his job in February. Until recently, he was one of many North Carolinians relying on unemployment.

“I went on many interviews but nothing materialized,” he said.

President Trump is offering a two-pronged strategy to tackle the virus and grow the economy.

“What we need to do broadly is onshore our manufacturing, that’s critical," the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing for the White House, Dr. Peter Navarro, said.

He says a key component of the plan is keeping all job creation local.

“Tariffs on the cheaters and federal targeting support and long-term contracts for these companies so Fairfield and Hanes and other North Carolina companies can prosper," Dr. Navarro said.

It mentions local companies like Parkdale Mills in Gastonia switching gears to manufacture PPE, which sustained jobs.

“If we don’t keep our economy open, we have to manage that risk," Dr. Navarro said. "That’s another key difference between the two gentlemen battling at the top of these tickets.”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is promising 10 million clean energy jobs.

“North Carolina stands to benefit tremendously by having solar panel installations and wind turbines, because of our solar energy capacity with our exposure to the sun and also being on the Atlantic seaboard," North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin said.

He says if Biden becomes president, he would focus on infrastructure.

“Our roads, our bridges and the like and that would create millions of jobs," Goodwin said.

He says those jobs will be built to last.

“Renewable energy investments include renewable jobs and good paying jobs that’s what North Carolinians need," Goodwin said.

McCoy says people need less partisanship, and more action in the form of a new stimulus deal.

“Democrats and Republicans should be taking care of the struggling small businesses to give them more money to stay afloat," he said.

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