‘We have to stop this’; Mothers of Murdered Offspring responds to 100th homicide in Charlotte

Group calls for violence to stop as city reaches 100 homicides

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - So far in 2020, there’s been 100 people killed in Charlotte. Mothers of Murdered Offspring want to remind the community that each homicide means a person lost and a family grieving.

Mothers of Murdered Offspring holds a vigil for each victim’s family. They tell WBTV News they’re tired of the pain they see everyday in Charlotte.

On Wednesday night, the organization held a vigil for 41-year-old Emmanuel Taylor, who was killed earlier in October.

Genicia Harriston helps run the vigils for each family. Her car is loaded up with supplies for each one, including balloons, candles and pins with the victim’s face. She says after Wednesday’s vigil, there are already several more planned for this week.

“We have to stop this," Harriston said. "If that means that our organization is not busy, by all means we’d like it that way. That means a life is still living.”

Taylor was a father of four. He was also the third person killed in a matter of 12 hours during a violent day in Charlotte. His friends and family spoke at the vigil tonight. Balloons were released in his honor. MOMO says it’s an image far too familiar to the Charlotte community.

“Everybody knows something that is going on," Harriston said. "This is not normal.”

The murder of Emmanuel Taylor is still not solved, along with many other homicides from 2020. Harriston says something needs to change in this community to stop the violence.

“I really think we need to start looking in the mirror and saying what it is I can do to affect change to stop what’s going on. Last year we were in the 80′s. We’ve reached 100 homicides," she said. "What does that say?”

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