Neighbors say NoDa road is dangerous after car crashes into townhome

We’re on your side getting answers from CDOT about its plans to make the area safer.

Neighbors concerned about stretch of road in NoDa

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Neighbors are saying there’s a dangerous section of road in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood, causing concern for the people who live there.

They say the problem is a curve on North Brevard Street, right across from Brooks' Sandwich House.

Because NoDa is growing quickly, there’s more traffic and pedestrians. Residents say they want the city to make it safer after a car crashed into the side of one of the townhomes Sunday night.

The driver was OK, but the crash caused structural damage to the home. Neighbors say this isn’t the first time a car crashed into nearby property - and they’re afraid of what could happen next.

“We see them driving on this road 90 miles per-hours plus. It’s treated like a drag strip," said Brandon Jozsa, who lives nearby.

He says he often sees drivers speeding out his window or texting and driving. He says the problem has become all too common.

“These are both the front wheel undercarriages here," he said, pointing out what’s left behind from Sunday’s crash. “You can sit here for 20 minutes and you’re going to see someone speeding through.”

“It’s just a matter of time that someone’s in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Matt McRae, who also lives nearby. He’s been in contact with CDOT and for awhile they told him the development of the area would slow the traffic down.

But since this second crash, CDOT is taking quicker action.

CDOT said in an email that they are currently reviewing ways to slow traffic. They are hoping by next week they can install large curve warning signs nearby. Eventually a multi-way stop sign will go up at the intersection of 25th Street and North Brevard.

CDOT says that won’t happen until it wraps up the 25th Street Connector Project, which isn’t projected to be done until end of 2021.

The community group and non-profit Sustain Charlotte is asking for additional safety measures as well. They’d like to see a 3-way stop at Jordan Place, narrowing of the travel lanes and adding sidewalks and street trees and a speed hump closer to the turn.

“We want to see this get fixed either, with barriers, sidewalks, before it turns into something tragic. It’s just a ticking time bomb," said McRae.

Another thing both neighbors are asking for - drivers to slow down on their own before somebody gets hurt.

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