Molly’s Kids: Granville Whitener, 3-year-old whose mother said he had COVID-19

Molly’s Kids: Granville Whitener, 3-year-old whose mother said he had COVID-19
Granville (Source: The Whitener family)

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - #MollysKids: This baby boy in Caldwell County is now 3 years old and doing well. That’s the great news. But the past few years have been hard as he was born with multiple issues... and the last few months... no joke... even harder because he got COVID-19.

Granville Whitener was born in May 2017 at Levine Children’s Hospital. His mom Ashley said his lungs were collapsed and most of his organs were in his chest cavity. A large portion of his diaphragm was also missing.

“Thankfully, after he was born,” Ashley said, “doctors placed his organs back into their original spots. His lungs worked well. It was amazing. But he was also born with diaphragm issues, something called CDH, which stands for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. At 7-days old, he got a new diaphragm. Seven months after that, he got yet another new one.”

Ashley said when they first brought him home from the hospital, it’d take two hours to feed him two ounces of milk. But she worked hard with him, and he finally began drinking a little faster, and a little better.

“He’s a miracle,” Ashley said. “He has endured so much since birth, but is so, so loving. Even our doctors seemed surprised at how well he has overcome surgeries and what he has accomplished. It’s also why we were so scared when he recently got sick again. We went to Levine’s and figured out he had COVID.”

Ashley says the “aftermath” [complications from] COVID has made Granville’s immune system weak.

“He had an infection built up in his body and they had to place a tube in his back to drain the infection out,” she said. “He also had pneumonia while in the hospital. We have only been home from the hospital for a week now.”

Ashley said they are back home in Hudson, and Granville seems to be recovering well. But her whole family is dealing with the reality of COVID because her grandmother, who she says raised her, recently died from the virus.

“Her name was Brenda Phillips,” Ashley said. “Granville was her world. Even though he is only three years old, I think he somehow knew he had to fight through his COVID diagnosis, in part for her.”

As you guys know... #MollysKids is the Good, the Bad, and the Always Real. Sweet Granville seems to have all three of those things. We’re so glad you’re recovering, Granville. And hang in there, momma. One day at a time. Thank you for sharing your son with all of us. It’s awesome to see this baby picture here... and then also the one of you with him (below) three years later.

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