Life Stuff: This tip helped us save our produce and money

Life Stuff: This tip helped us save our produce and money at the store

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Sometimes love isn’t in the air… And you’ll see why! In today’s Life Stuff, our food expert Chef Monica is back with tips on how to keep bananas from ripening too quickly so you don’t have to waste money at the grocery store.

Let’s go!

Tip #1: When you get home from the store, store your bananas in a brown paper bag

No one likes to buy bananas and have them brown in 3 days… A brown paper bag will help lengthen the time off the vine. You can also wrap the stem in plastic wrap to keep bananas from going from yellow to brown too quickly.

Tip #2: Store different fruits away from each other

Fruit together in a smoothie is great, but they like to live separately until you blend them together. Did you know different fruits like strawberries and bananas give off a chemical called ethylene? I didn’t either. When ethylene is released in the air from fruit, they fight each other and bring the lifespan of your produce down. That’s why your strawberries will start to mold and your bananas will start to brown. Nobody has time for that! Just keep them in their own space.

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