Coronavirus cases declining at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University sees decline in COVID cases

BOONE, N.C. (WBTV) - Just about a month ago Appalachian State University was in mourning after the death of a student linked to COVID-19. Positive cases were rising, hitting 223 on October 3.

Two football games had to be postponed because of outbreaks and clusters of coronavirus. That’s when the university cracked down on restrictions and put out a plea to students to follow all the CDC rules.

It seems to have worked. From the high of 223 cases, the university is now down to 25.

“I feel safe,” said student Grace Mazzuco. She says she has noticed that students have been more determined to do what is necessary to avoid catching the virus.

There are not so many parties now, she says, and those that have happened had people wearing masks and social distancing.

Taylor Lundquist believes students are taking it seriously after the death of a fellow student In September.

“Students are holding each other accountable,” she said.

Many classes have transitioned to 100% online, and those that have an option for students are seeing most doing the work online. Classes will end with the Thanksgiving break with only final exams after that and those will be all online.

Officials are hoping the downward trend in cases continues.

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