Seven months spent waiting for response to records request from N.C. Division of Employment Security

Seven months spent waiting for response to records request from N.C. Division of Employment Security

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In May WBTV spoke with Shinon Mayfield, a daycare worker who filed for unemployment. She was waiting for more than a month for her claim to be processed and even went back to work before she found out if she was approved for payment.

Mayfield says she was told by an agent at a call center the delay was because her employer had not submitted the necessary documents

“They said that my paperwork had not been submitted yet,” Mayfield said.

WBTV wanted to see how big of a problem this was. In June we asked the Division of Employment Security if they could share data on the number of employers who aren’t filing the Request for Information forms for employers but we never received a response.

Many of WBTV’s questions about this type of data have yielded similar result. While many people who have contacted WBTV have had their claims addressed after we reached out on their behalf, DES has been less responsive to larger requests for data and other records.

In April WBTV requested more data on unemployment claims that were pending, denied or processed as well as information on complaints. When we followed up in June we still didn’t receive a response but DES started publishing daily data on its webpage.

It wasn’t until Friday that DES finally provided a response, months after the majority of the problems regarding initial wait times for payments has been resolved and the amount of viewers contacting WBTV has dramatically declined.

In September WBTV requested training materials for the call center representatives for DES that many viewers have complained about. Those records still have not been provided.

The information WBTV requests helps provide a bigger look at some of the problems plaguing DES and instead of helping one person at a time identify some of the underlying reasons people aren’t getting the service they need.

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