Charlotte mom marks anniversary of son’s death with community march

Charlotte mom marks anniversary of son’s death with community march

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - As the homicide rate in Charlotte continues to climb to 97, the community is rallying to make a change with a march on Saturday.

The march starts at noon at Dillehay Courts on North Pine Street.

Stephanie Harrison lost her son on Oct. 25, 2015, to gun violence.

“Your heart aches, you cry, you think about where you could be now, how he look, how he sound, you just want your child," Harrison said.

Harrison, who volunteered for years helping other families, found death knocking at her own door.

With each homicide in Charlotte, Harrison says it’s like an instant replay.

“You replay everything. You replay the funeral, going to the funeral home, everything," she said.

She says guns are not the answer. The violence continues to destroy families.

“It is really outrageous. It’s like they’re killing every week, every day, every other day, two and three times a day. That is too much," she said.

In 2019, she took her pain and continued to help others through Stop Killing Our Children Support Group. The group helps other families of murder victims through their time of darkness.

“We build a new family and try to unite the community back that way," she said.

The group is inviting families of murder victims to the march. Food will be provided the community and music.

“We are going around to different high-murder rate areas and just trying to see what the need is in the community,” Harrison said.

The goal is to take back the needs of the community to city leaders in effort to come up with solutions.

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