Kamala Harris speaks one-on-one with WBTV, attends voter mobilization event in uptown Charlotte

Updated: Oct. 22, 2020 at 12:15 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Senator Kamala Harris spent Wednesday afternoon and evening campaigning in Charlotte.

Harris attended a voter mobilization event at Truist Field in uptown. Prior to the event, she spoke to WBTV in a one-on-one interview.

The Democratic nominee for vice president wasted no time going on the offensive against the current administration during the interview. When asked about rising COVID-19 case numbers in North Carolina, Harris took time to criticize President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

“I think the governor is gonna make the right decision and I think governors know how to do what’s best for their state, but there’s no question that we have a presidential administration in Donald Trump that has probably been the greatest failure of any presidential administration we’ve ever witnessed when it comes to this pandemic,” said Harris.

She accused the president of failing to take action when he had advanced knowledge of the pandemic.

“Donald Trump knew about the seriousness of this virus back in January, did not tell the American people, did not give families and businesses the opportunity to prepare,” explained Harris.

The democratic senator also took time to speak about affordable housing, an issue that elected leaders in Charlotte have long sought to improve.

“The affordable housing issue is an issue for North Carolina and around the country. Remember, we have a federal housing administration, and that is about increasing what we can do around affordable housing grants to states and making sure again that we also not only encourage the growth and the development of affordable housing and that’s gonna be about an investment in infrastructure , but also what we need to do to help people with home ownership,” elaborated Harris.

The senator took aim at President Trump again during her campaign event Wednesday night. She paced back and forth on the roof of a dugout at Truist Field, addressing the socially distanced crowd in the stands. Harris told her supporters that Trump had failed at responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

“He knew that it was airborne, knew that it would kill five times as likely as the flu, knew it would impact children and he sat on that information. He did not tell the American people, he covered it up. He called it a hoax,” said Harris.

She also accused the president of encouraging voter suppression and failing to condemn white supremacy. Her speech lasted around 20 minutes.

Some Biden-Harris supporters, who couldn’t get inside the stadium due to capacity restrictions, watched the event through the fences surrounding the perimeter of the stadium.

“Right there, that is true leadership – getting people out to watch Kamala but in a safe manner and a good manner,” noted Oz Conner, a Biden-Harris supporter who watched the event from outside of the stadium.

Supporters said they didn’t mind the event being scaled down for safety reasons.

“They obviously really tried to limit the number of people who came in to keep us all safe. There wasn’t a point in time where I felt unsafe there,” said Biden-Harris supporter Kimberly Owens.

While the crowd was small, the Biden-Harris faithful were enthusiastic during Wednesday’s event, cheering when they agreed with a powerful statement made by Harris.

“She really brings a lot to the ticket. I think she was an excellent choice,” said Owens.

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